Full Cobre

Liquid Micro Plant Nutrients Mixture

Plant Insurance

The raw materials imported from Spain in its production are carefully selected and produced with unique production techniques and it is the only product that can be used safely in all plants with Copper, Manganese and Zinc deficiency. It contains microelements that the plant needs, which gives the plant a healthy and solid structure. It protects the plant by forming a layer between the robust and diseased cells in the transmission bundles, but also promotes the synthesis of Phytoalexin and phenol and polyphenol production. Thanks to the zinc and manganese it contains with its special chelated formula, it increases flowering in plants and provides an increase in yield. It is involved in many complicated events such as carbohydrate and protein synthesis, and photosynthesis and respiration. It can be easily mixed with most medicines, except for drugs containing heavy metal. In root and leaf applications, it quickly penetrates the plant.

Guaranteed Content W/W

Water-Soluble Copper (Cu) 4.5%
Water Soluble Manganese (Mn) 0.7%
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) 0.5%


Area, Time and Amount of Usage

Pome Fruits and Citrus 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Stone Fruits 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Potato and Sugar Beet 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Tobacco Plant and Cotton 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
Vineyard, Watermelon and Melon 150-200 cc per 100 liters of water
In All Plants With Drip Irrigation 1.5 lt/da



  • Keep away from children and food.
  • Never exceed the appropriate dosage rates and use only where necessary.
  • Use Mask, Glove and Glasses during fertilization.
  • Do not use empty packaging for other purposes, dispose of it.

Storage Conditions

Store in its original packaging under normal conditions (in cool and dry places). Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. It maintains its physical and chemical properties for at least three years under normal conditions. Storage Temperature should be between 0°C and +45°C.


Imported Registration (PDF) Local Registration (PDF)