To protect nature and raise healthy generations

As Omka Fertilizantes We are determined to do our share with the effective work we will do in our business to protect nature and the natural, together with its manager, employees and supplier. 

In the management of the environmental impacts and dimensions of all our activities, products and services we carry out for this purpose;

We promise to have an understanding of continuous development,

  • To work towards preventing pollution of natural resources, 
  • To ensure recycling and recycling of the waste with effective waste management,
  • To reduce energy and natural resource consumption, 
  • To prevent environmental pollution and to continuously improve the environmental management system, 
  • To provide the necessary training and to take the necessary precautions by seeing the effectiveness of this training in practice to ensure that all our employees are aware of the protection and improvement of the environment, 
  • To work with suppliers who respect nature
  • To comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements
  • To follow the changes in the legislation.