Full Color, of which the raw materials imported from Spain in its production are carefully selected and produced with unique production techniques, provides excellent color, taste and fullness in fruits thanks to the potassium and polysaccharides it contains. It increases the amount of dry matter, especially in products such as melon, watermelon, strawberry, grape and sugar beet. It provides fruit formation in plants such as pepper, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, potato, etc. It provides high yield and helps to adjust the harvest time. It increases the waiting time (storage life) of the product after harvest.

The element that plants need most after nitrogen is potassium. Potasio Plus, which is imported from Spain, is easier and better taken by plants thanks to the EDTA in its content. It does not contain chlorine (Cl) and Sulfate (SO4ion). It regulates the turgor pressure. It prevents water loss and fading in plants. It helps photosynthesis, transport of plant nutrients and photosynthesis products. It increases enzyme activity in plants. Increases protein coverage. Increases the brix (dry matter) ratio of the fruits. Potasio Plus, which can be applied from soil and leaves, is an effective product especially for fruit growth and quality before harvest. Unlike other high nitrogen-containing potassium fertilizers that are detrimental to fruit quality, it contains no nitrogen. At the same time, since it does not contain chlorine and sulfur, it can be easily applied from the leaf and does not cause problems such as stain or premature ripening.