Aminomax, the content of which is imported from Spain, provides fertilization thanks to the free amino acids in its composition and accordingly, it increases the yield, as well as the root development, rapid germination and uniform output of the plant. Aminomax, which provides a high number of fruits and product quality, is also used for stress relief. It eliminates stress caused by herbicides and adverse climatic conditions in autumn-winter periods, increases the durability of the plant.

It is a specially formulated product imported from Spain, containing organic matter, seaweed, free amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, trace elements. It is an indispensable plant nutrition product because it provides excellent root development and nutrition. Algas Complex can be applied in all periods of plants. It accelerates cell division. It accelerates the uptake of all fertilizers from the soil, and enables plant nutrients to turn into useful forms. When seed application is made, it increases the germination and eliminates seed loss. It enables plants to move away from stress environments.

It is a specially formulated plant activator. It actively operates enzymes in plants. By increasing flowering, it provides more fruit setting. It creates a higher quality, larger and uniform fruits. It accelerates the metabolic activities of plants regularly. Since Flormax increases the amount of photosynthesis in the plants used, it ensures that the plants meet the energy they need.

It is a product increasing efficiency with GordoMax NPK. It increases fruit setting and allows them to grow and get out uniformly. It prevents the defoliation of citrus trees in June.

It is a special product imported from Spain, formulated with the high rate of organic matter of NPK and obtained by adding vegetable free amino acids and humic-fulvic acids. Thanks to the fulvic acid it contains, it also increases the intake of other elements in the soil. It meets the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needs of plants as macro nutrients. It provides a fast intake thanks to its organic substance. It can be applied on both leaves and soil. It is a suitable product for a homogeneous stem, homogeneous flower texture and homogeneous fruit quality in plants.