Natural, Healthy and Fertile Crops!

Omka Fertilizantes offers plant nutrition solutions consisting of a wide range of organic and chemical products produced with high technology for natural, healthy and efficient crop production.

Çevre Politikamız
aminomax organik gbbre


Aminomax, the content of which is imported from Spain, provides fertilization thanks to the free amino acids in its composition and accordingly, it increases the yield, as well as the root development, rapid germination and uniform output of the plant.

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It is a specially formulated plant activator. It actively operates enzymes in plants. By increasing flowering, it provides more fruit setting. It creates a higher quality, larger and uniform fruits. It accelerates the metabolic activities of plants regularly.

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İspanya’dan ithal organik bir gübre olan Humita’nın pH değeri çok düşüktür. Tamamen bitkisel kaynaklı olduğu için ürünün tamamı bitki tarafından kolaylıkla alınır.

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