Aminomax, the content of which is imported from Spain, provides fertilization thanks to the free amino acids in its composition and accordingly, it increases the yield, as well as the root development, rapid germination and uniform output of the plant. Aminomax, which provides a high number of fruits and product quality, is also used for stress relief. It eliminates stress caused by herbicides and adverse climatic conditions in autumn-winter periods, increases the durability of the plant.

Ask Feed, of which the content is imported from Spain, provides a homogeneous fruit growth and quality thanks to the Potassium it contains. It improves the root system, increases flower formation. It provides a shortening of the internodes of plants in hot periods.  Thanks to the phosphorous acid it contains, it has more than one mechanism of action. It activates the plant's natural defense system. It can be applied to all parts of the plant such as leaves, stems and roots. Ask Feed is easily absorbed and transported through xylem and phloem in all organs of the plant.

It is a specially formulated plant activator. It actively operates enzymes in plants. By increasing flowering, it provides more fruit setting. It creates a higher quality, larger and uniform fruits. It accelerates the metabolic activities of plants regularly. Since Flormax increases the amount of photosynthesis in the plants used, it ensures that the plants meet the energy they need.

Fosforo Plus, of which the content is imported from Spain, is a superior plant nutrient that can be applied both through leaf and soil. 3% of nitrogen, 30% phosphorus and microelements in its content make this product different from others. All of the phosphorus in Fosforo Plus is in a form that can be taken by plants. It provides excellent nutrition and development by increasing the root system development of plants. It increases flowering and hence increases yield and fruit quality.

It is a product that can be easily absorbed by plants thanks to its special formulation. It plays a big role in flowering and pollen formation in the plant. It contains Zinc (Zn) and Phosphorus (P) in a very well balanced ratio. Thanks to the zinc it contains, it eliminates negative images such as bushing in plants. It is a product suitable for root and leaf applications.