Potasio Plus

Sulfate, Chlorine-Free Liquid Potassium

The element that plants need most after nitrogen is potassium. Potasio Plus, which is imported from Spain, is easier and better taken by plants thanks to the EDTA in its content. It does not contain chlorine (Cl) and Sulfate (SO4ion). It regulates the turgor pressure. It prevents water loss and fading in plants. It helps photosynthesis, transport of plant nutrients and photosynthesis products. It increases enzyme activity in plants. Increases protein coverage. Increases the brix (dry matter) ratio of the fruits. Potasio Plus, which can be applied from soil and leaves, is an effective product especially for fruit growth and quality before harvest. Unlike other high nitrogen-containing potassium fertilizers that are detrimental to fruit quality, it contains no nitrogen. At the same time, since it does not contain chlorine and sulfur, it can be easily applied from the leaf and does not cause problems such as stain or premature ripening.

Guaranteed Content W/W

Total Nitrogen (N) 25%
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N) 8.30%
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) 5.60%
Urea Nitrogen (NH4-N) 11.10%
Biurea Its biurea is low.


Area, Time and Amount of Usage

In vegetables 200- 300 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
In Fruit Trees 200- 300 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
Citrus, Pomegranate 200- 300 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
Vineyard, Olive 200- 300 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
Flowers, Ornamental Plants 150- 250 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
Field Crops 200- 300 cc / 100 Lt Water Foliar Application
In All Plants With Drip Irrigation 2- 3 Lt / da



  • Keep away from children and food.
  • Never exceed the appropriate dosage rates and use only where necessary.
  • Use Mask, Glove and Glasses during fertilization.
  • Do not use empty packaging for other purposes, dispose of it.

Storage Conditions

Store in its original packaging under normal conditions (in cool and dry places). Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. It maintains its physical and chemical properties for at least three years under normal conditions. Storage Temperature should be between 0°C and +45°C.


Imported Registrationl (PDF) Local Registration (PDF)